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What is Embroidery

Embroidery is the process in which an image or design is stitched onto fabric. Using various colors and styles of threads, any image, word, or shape can be embroidered onto any material.  Embroidery is generally known to be highly durable and does not wear or fade after repeated washes.  Most often, embroidery is used to display business names or logos onto apparel for uniform purposes.

When To Use Embroidery

Embroidery is best used when:

  • The fabric of your garment thick or porous.

  • Your design, or logo, is smaller.

  • Your garment will have repeated use & wash (i.e 50+ times). 


Alternatives to Embroidery

The alternatives to embroidery are generally screen printing or digital fusion.   

How to Place an Order

Please see our Pre Order Checklist for all information pertaining to placing an order.  It contains items such as minimum order quantities & cost, garment/apparel choices, turn around time, design, and payment methods.

Embroidery Hats


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