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At Tri Level Images, we look forward to the opportunity of working with you!  Please take a look at our pre-order checklist, below, to see if your project is something that we can bring to life!

Tri Level Images - Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum Order Amount

Tri Level Images typically works in business to business (B2B) or business to government (B2G) sales.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate one-off productions such as a single custom T-Shirt. 


With this in mind, our minimum orders are typically:

  • 25 items, or;

  • $300

Product Selection

The next step in the ordering process is selecting the product you want to customize and choosing a design.  Using custom t-shirts as an example, you can think of this as deciding the t-shirt style, brand, material, color, and quantity.

This portion can be tricky due to all the options our there!  Tri Level Images can help narrow the selection by

Tri Level Images - Product Selection

providing options such as: the most popular choice, the highest quality, or the least expensive.  As long as you have a general idea of the product you want to use, we are able to help.  Keep in mind that some products have longer lead times than others!

Apparel Catalog -

Promo Item Catalog -

Tri Level Images - Art & Design Services

Custom Design or Logo

Creating your design or logo can be hard.  If you already have your design files, that's great!  If not, we can help create the final artwork files for you as long as you have a basic design that you can send us.

Our preferred design files are vector art.  Vector art typically comes in .ai or .psd file extensions but is also occasionally saved as a .pdf.

Budget & Required Delivery Date

The last piece to consider what your budget and required delivery date are.  The process of choosing the product, ordering and awaiting delivery, creating the artwork, and embroidering / silk screening / laser engraving all the pieces can take time (generally 2 to 6 weeks).

You can always save time by responding quickly throughout the process, providing your own artwork, or choosing product with faster lead times!

Tri Level Images - Budget & Delivery Date
Quote Image #3.jpg

Request a Quote

The last step in the process is to contact us to request a quote!  We will help check product availability, review your design (or help you create it), and provide you with a cost estimate and turn-around time.  


Please email and include the below information:

  • Design (attach to email) and Design Location

  • Product Number (or link) and Size Breakdown

  • Type of Service (screen print, embroidery...)

  • Date Delivery Required By

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