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Screen Printing Shirts

What is Screen Printing

Screen printing is a popular printing method, using a process that presses ink through a mesh screen in order to create a printed design. It's used in a huge range of industries across the globe to create custom clothing, canvasses, artwork, posters, and more.  Additionally, at Tri Level Images we use only the highest quality, standardized, pantone ink system.

When To Use Screen Printing

Screen printing is often the best choice when:

  • The fabric of your garment is thin or stretchy.

  • Your design requires more vibrant colors or crisp outlines.

  • You require large amounts of product (less expensive). 


Alternatives to Screen Printing

The alternatives to screen printing are generally embroidery or digital fusion.   

How to Place an Order

Please see our Pre Order Checklist for all information pertaining to placing an order.  It contains items such as minimum order quantities & cost, garment/apparel choices, turn around time, design, and payment methods.


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