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What is Laser Engraving

The laser marking process is used to engrave permanent marks on different types of materials. In this process, a laser engraving machine vaporizes a specific area of the desired part or material in a given pattern made by lasers, including CO2 or fiber lasers. This results in a high-contrast physical modification of the surface that is easily visible to the naked eye. 

Laser engraving work is used to engrave logos, barcodes, serial or part numbers, and even QR codes. The technique is popular due to its high reliability, as well as the engraving's permanent nature, which assures traceability and identification of the part or material in question for a long period of time.

When To Use Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is best used for certain types of material, namely:

  • Glass or acrylic

  • Stone, brick, marble, or granite

  • Metal or wood 


Alternatives to Laser Engraving

The main alternative to laser engraving is creating a high-quality sticker that is then heat-pressed into the material of choice.

Laser Engraving Promo Items
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